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Repair Versus Replace

Are you looking for fast appliance repair service to the suburbs of Chicago? A Fast Local Refrigerator Repair provides expert, factory-trained service to many suburbs, quickly. First of all, we know your refrigerator is the most used kitchen appliance. Your fridge gets used even when you aren’t using it. It’s expected to run forever, until you notice the refrigerator is not running. According to Murphy’s Law, this will happen after you just bought groceries, of course. Should you have it repaired or replace it? For the best chance to save the most food and money, you need it fixed right away. Now is the time to call A Fast Local Refrigerator Repair (AFLRR). But if you don’t want us to save your money by fixing it, you will have to spend $1000-$4000, and up, to replace it. When that fridge breaks in 2-4 years, the average age we currently get calls for, we can fix that one instead. Call us to solve any appliance problem you may be having before it becomes a big headache.

We understand the urgent nature of most refrigerator problems. Unlike any other kitchen or laundry appliances, you can’t wait for days to have someone fix your fridge. Most times it needs immediate attention. We understand that. So our focus is on minor refrigerator repairs only. Therefore, AFLRR is quicker than other companies. That can save more food and money. If we don’t fix it, then you have a major repair on your hands, or you are replacing the fridge. Major repairs from other companies are very expensive when done correctly. This is why you want AFLRR to service your refrigerator, we save you the most money. Why go anywhere else?

How Our Appliance Service Works

For a small house call, a refrigerator repairman will quickly arrive to your home, usually on the same day, if not then within 24 hours, Mon-Sat. We schedule first come, first served, and emergencies as needed. We will inspect all fridge issues you want us to, diagnose it and give you our flat-rate estimate for your approval. If we do repair the refrigerator, our house call is FREE, you only pay for parts and labor. You can also SAVE $25 off the repair total just for scheduling appliance service appointment online. Furthermore, we will also BEAT any competitor’s written estimate by 10%.

We can repair it on initial visit about 85% of the time since we keep many parts stocked on vehicles. If we need to order a part, we do what we can to get your fridge running temporarily, whenever possible, We use genuine, factory OEM replacement parts, obtained from factory authorized parts distributors. Any parts we don’t stock can usually be obtained by the next business day if we order before 2pm. Finally, we warranty our OEM parts for one year, and our labor for the life of the appliance. Our warranty is longer than most other service company’s warranties.

Having Refrigerator Problems? We Can Repair It!

Any of the above fridge issues could be a minor solution. It may only need a simple adjustment, an easy fix, or just require some user maintenance. But if you ignore it, these small problems could become a much more serious situation. That could mean more costly repairs. Delaying may even force you to replace it, or even worse, cause expensive damage to your home. The sooner you call A Fast Local Refrigerator Repair, the quicker we can repair your appliance

Appliance Repair Service
Appliance Repair Service
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