Appliance Repair Service To Chicago Suburbs

Consider Appliance Repair Service Before Replacing It

Having a fridge problem? Need fast, expert appliance repair service? Consider our refrigerator appliance repair service before you even think about buying a new one. For a small fee, A Fast Local Refrigerator Repair will quickly arrive to your home, inspect your refrigerator, explain our diagnosis, provide our low estimate for minor repairs, and after your approval, repair your refrigerator, usually on the first visit. After all, it’s smarter to spend a fraction less to fix your fridge than to spend several times more to replace it with an inferior, but newer,  appliance.

Your refrigerator is the most used kitchen appliance, it’s used even when you aren’t using it. It is typically a “plug it in and forget about it” convenience, but if a small problem is ignored for too long, that small problem can become a big headache. Don’t make the mistake of getting rid of a refrigerator before its useful life has expired, usually over twenty-five (+25) years on older fridges, but less on newer models. That means if we fix your fridge, it will likely outlast the one you would have spent more money on replacing. A minor, inexpensive fridge repair from A Fast Local Refrigerator Repair can save food and money, extending the life of your refrigerator for many years, saving you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in the process. You are welcome in advance!

Our house call service charge, including the estimate, has proven to be one of the lowest in Chicagoland, and it is FREE if we fix your fridge. You can also save $10 off the repair total just for scheduling discount appliance service online. Furthermore, we will also BEAT any competitor’s written estimate by 10%.

Refrigerator Problems? We Can Fix Your Fridge Today!

Any of these common refrigerator symptoms could be a minor appliance problem that may only require an adjustment for a small fee. If ignored however, these minor problems could become a much more serious situation, and in turn, require more costly appliance repair services. Delaying may even force you to purchase a new appliance, or even worse, cause expensive damage to your home.

Don’t let an inexpensive appliance repair service from AFLRR deter you from having peace of mind. When you contact us, a factory trained, expert appliance repairman will completely inspect and diagnose your appliance, and give you a flat rate price for your approval, before any work is provided. That means no matter how long it takes to fix your fridge, the cost is the same. Even our service call is a flat rate, while other companies charge additional if they have trouble diagnosing! Since we keep factory OEM parts stocked and on hand, we can usually fix your appliance in one visit. We strive for an 85% first call complete percentage. All appliance repair services provided by AFLRR are backed by a one (1) year part warranty, and a lifetime labor warranty, for as long as you own the refrigerator. We encourage you to check the warranties provided by other companies, most, including the national chains, only offer 90 days parts and labor. If no service is provided, you only pay for the inexpensive service call, unless otherwise noted. Quality Chicagoland appliance repair service does not have to cost a fortune. The sooner you call A Fast Local Refrigerator Repair for appliance repair service in Chicagoland, the faster we can get your refrigerator running today.