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Why You’ll Want Us To Fix Your Refrigerator

First of all, did you know your refrigerator is the most used kitchen appliance? You use the fridge even when you aren’t using it. You expect it to run forever, but then a minor issue comes along. Minor issues are cheaper to fix than major ones. So, this is the time to call A Fast Local Refrigerator Repair (AFLRR) since minor repairs from AFLRR do not cost much. Please do not try to repair your own appliances without proper training because you can possibly injure yourself or cause further damage. Call us to fix any problem you may be having with your refrigerator before it becomes a big headache.  We provide all types of minor refrigerator repairs only. We do this to provide faster refrigerator service than other companies. If we don’t fix your fridge, you have a major repair on your hands. Major repairs from other companies are very expensive when done properly by certified techs. So, if AFLRR doesn’t fix your minor fridge problem, you can expect to spend a lot of money elsewhere. That is why you want A Fast Local Refrigerator Repair to fix your fridge.

How Our Service Works

For a small house call, we will quickly arrive to your home. We will inspect all refrigerator issues you want us to, diagnose it and give you our low, minor repair estimate for your approval. If we do repair the refrigerator your house call is FREE. Once approved, we will repair your refrigerator on the first visit about 85% of the time since we keep many parts stocked on vehicles. Any parts we don’t stock can usually be obtained by the next business day if we order before 2pm. Finally, we warranty our OEM parts for one year, and our labor for the life of the appliance. Our warranty is longer than most other service company’s warranties. So it’s really a simple choice. After all, it’s smarter to spend less on appliance repair service, because it will last as long or longer than anything new you buy, at a fraction of the cost.

Our house call service charge gets a refrigerator repairman out to your house to inspect your fridge, diagnose it and give you a firm estimate of repair. If we do fix your fridge, the house call is FREE! You can also save $10 off the repair total just for scheduling appliance service online. Furthermore, we will also BEAT any competitor’s written estimate by 10%.

Consider Our Appliance Repair Service Instead of Replacement

Don’t make the mistake of getting rid of a refrigerator before its useful life has expired.  Some older fridges can still last well over thirty (+30) years with repairs, but less on newer models. That means if we fix your fridge, it will likely outlast the one you would have spent a lot more money on replacing. As a result, when you wisely decide to have your fridge fixed, you want the best, most reliable and professional appliance repair service, right? Hence, that’s why you should call AFLRR for refrigerator appliance repair service before you even think about buying a new one.

What is the Hidden Truth Behind Energy Saving Appliances?

Do you enjoy throwing your money away, or watching your cold hard cash disappear? Neither do we at A Fast Local Refrigerator Repair (AFLRR). But that is exactly what will happen if you buy a new energy-saving refrigerator instead of having us provide refrigerator appliance repair service for you. Any minor repair service we provide will be a fraction of the cost for you to replace it. Bonus, it would extend the useful life of your fridge. Think you would be buying a better refrigerator than your 10 or 20-year-old unit and it will pay for itself in energy savings? Think again. It may look nicer. It may even save you a few bucks per year in energy cost. But at what cost to you are those savings? Plenty.

Pros vs Cons

The older a refrigerator is, the better it was built. Period. Fridges were once built to last, by hand and with pride by manufacturers. They emphasized quality over cost. Now, they are assembled by bean counters in whatever way is the most cost efficient to increase their bottom line, with no concern over quality or longevity. What you don’t realize is, in order to be energy-efficient, refrigerators have to use smaller, weaker motors to use less energy. These weaker motors need to do the same tasks as more powerful motors, causing them to break down more. Plus, now these motors are monitored by additional sensors, both of which are controlled by microcomputers.

Additionally, this not only increases the chances of having a problem, as now multiple parts can cause the same problem, but the cost of repairs also increases. Why? When it does need repairs, and it will, energy-efficient parts aren’t cheap compared to older fridge parts either. Furthermore, the truth behind energy-saving appliances is, those savings are actually costing you money! A minor, inexpensive fridge repair from A Fast Local Refrigerator Repair can save food and money. We can extend the life of your appliance for many years, saving you a refrigerator full of cash when compared to buying a cheaply built, but expensive replacement. You are welcome in advance!

Having Refrigerator Problems? We Can Repair It!

Any of the above fridge issues could be a minor appliance problem. It may only need a simple adjustment, an easy fix, or just require some user maintenance. But if you ignore it, these minor problems could become a much more serious situation. In turn, they could need more appliance repair services. Delaying may even force you to replace it, or even worse, cause expensive damage to your home.



Finally, don’t let an inexpensive appliance repair service from AFLRR deter you from having peace of mind. When you contact us, a factory trained, expert appliance repairman will quickly arrive to your home. We will completely inspect and diagnose your appliance, and give you a flat rate price for your approval, before we do any work. Flat-rate pricing means no matter how long it takes to fix your fridge, your cost is the same. Also, our appliance repair services include a one (1) year part warranty, and a lifetime labor warranty, for as long as you own the refrigerator. So if we don’t fix it for any reason, you only pay for the service call, unless otherwise noted. Reliable Chicagoland appliance service does not have to cost a fortune. Therefore, the sooner you call AFLRR for refrigerator appliance repair service in your home, the faster we can get your refrigerator running today.

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