Stainless Steel Scratch Remove

How to Remove Scratches from Stainless Steel

If you own a stainless steel refrigerator, then you’re all too familiar with the constant battle to keep smudges off the doors (especially near the handles). Although smudges are annoying, the real challenge arises when you notice the stainless steel is scratched. Scratches take a bit more care to remove than smudges. You can easily ruin the …

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Built In Refrigerator

What’s the Difference Between Built-in Refrigerator and Freestanding?

Difference Between Freestanding and Built-In Refrigerators When remodeling your kitchen, you naturally want everything to look like it goes together. Where kitchens of the past were designed to highlight your appliances, the integrated kitchen is designed to blend your appliances in with your cabinetry for a more seamless appearance. Sometimes when I’m called to provide …

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Spring Cleaning Your Refrigerator

Spring Clean Your Fridge

Spring Clean Your Refrigerator If you’re getting ready to start your spring cleaning, don’t forget to spring clean your refrigerator, including the condenser coils, condenser fan blade, and the door gaskets. Spring is also a great time to replace your water filter. Other than the door gaskets, you may not know where these other parts …

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Choosing Appliance Repair

How to Choose Appliance Repair Service

Ok, so you have a broken refrigerator, and you have made the smart choice to have a professional refrigerator repairman at least come to your home and inspect the appliance.. You need to know what is wrong with the fridge and get an estimate of repair before making any good decision. But you also might …

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Normal Fridge Temperature

Normal Refrigerator Temperatures

What Are the Normal Refrigerator and Freezer Temperatures? Be Aware of the Food Danger Zone If your refrigerator was operating outside the normal, safe temperature zone, would you know it? Our very UN-scientific poll would seem to indicate that many refrigerator users do not. Though many refrigerators have the ability to monitor the temperature, many …

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