Repair Service During These Challenging Times

Challenging times, indeed. To begin with, yes we are still providing fast refrigerator appliance repair service in the suburbs of Chicago.

We are taking extra precautions in order to keep your family, and ours, safe and healthy during this period. There is never a convenient time for refrigerators to break down, this just happens to be, well, more challenging than others. Our mission, as always, has been to help people when the need arises, that is still true.

We understand any reluctance you may have inviting someone into your home currently. To minimize your risk, and ours, we are taking more than the following precautions: taking our temperature daily; wearing disposable shoe covers; wearing disposable nitrile gloves; wearing a face mask; washing hands or using hand wipes and sanitizer between calls; following social distancing guidelines; exchanging health status with potential clients.

Additionally, we are taking extra steps which will increase the likelihood that we fix your fridge in a single visit 

We hope these facts resolve any concerns you may have about your family’s health and safety while we get your refrigerator quickly up and running.