Covid Safety Policy

A Fast Local Refrigerator Repair has from the beginning followed safety protocols to keep everyone as healthy and safe as possible. This policy has evolved over time as you might expect, and it will likely continue the more we learn about this virus and the effectiveness of vaccines. We have always followed the science in regard to Covid-19, just like we follow the science in repairing refrigerators. 

Our appliance repair technicians are fully vaccinated and boosted to keep us all safe.

We also realize you are inviting us into the sanctity of your home. If you are still concerned about any dangers that might pose, and would prefer everybody wears a mask inside your home, we will gladly comply.

Furthermore, we still sanitize our hands between calls, as well as wearing shoe covers if you prefer.

If you have any other concerns regarding how we help prevent the spread of covid-19, please just ask.

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