How to Choose Appliance Repair Service | A Fast Local Refrigerator Repair

Ok, so you have a broken refrigerator, and you have made the smart choice to have a professional refrigerator repairman at least come to your home and inspect the appliance.. You need to know what is wrong with the fridge and get an estimate of repair before making any good decision. But you also might be in a time crunch, depending on when your refrigerator stopped working. You might want A Fast Local Refrigerator Repair so you can save more time, money and food, but how do you know which is the best appliance repair service to choose? Try the following and you will be able to make an educated decision, even if, dare we say, you end up choosing a different company. But we believe you will make A Fast Local Refrigerator Repair your smart choice for refrigerator repair service in Chicagoland.

The following factors should weigh heavily into your decision:

  1. Customer Service. Do they try and help you on the initial phone call, or do they try and sell you something, like an expensive warranty without even looking at the appliance? Are they up front and honest with you about service calls or vague and misleading? Are they friendly and polite?
  2. Reliability. There are a few ways you can check the reliability of appliance repair service companies online. Check with the local Better Business Bureau. Companies which are accredited on the BBB and have an A+ rating, like A Fast Local Refrigerator Repair, are a great choice for reliable service. You can also check consumer review sites like and, which allow you to read reviews from people who have used that company. You can also ask people who’s opinions you trust, family, friends, coworkers etc., if they recommend an appliance repair service they have used.
  3. House Call Charge. What do they charge to come to your home, inspect your refrigerator, diagnose it, AND give you an estimate of repair? What is the minimum dollar amount you can expect to pay if someone comes out, tells you what is wrong with your appliance, and no repair is provided?
  4. Repair Price. Already know what part has failed on your refrigerator? If you supply a part number, any reputable service company should tell you what it will cost to replace that part.
  5. Technician Availibility. How fast can a technician arrive at your home? A Fast Local Refrigerator Repair can usually arrive within hours.  If you woke up to discover thawing food or water on the floor, you might be more inclined to go with whichever company you called first. But you don’t want to have to wait days for service of your refrigerator either. If your food is thawing keep doors shut. If water is leaking, turn the water off to the fridge and mop up the water. The 30-60 minutes you spent researching appliance repair service companies will be worth the money in the long run, when you find the best appliance repair service.
  6. Warranty. How long is parts warranty, and labor warranty? We warranty OEM parts we use for one year, and our labor is warranted for as long as you own the appliance. Is the warranty printed on the receipt? Ours is. What are the terms of the warranty? You can view ours here. What will they do if the original problem is not resolved to your satisfaction?

You should speak to someone from at least five different appliance repair service companies. If you do that, and get answers to the above points for each company, you will likely choose A Fast Local Refrigerator Repair. But if not, you will very likely have found a quality company that you can feel very comfortable about using.

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