If you鈥檙e looking for an American product with a good warranty, Maytag is definitely an option you should consider. Maytag designs and assembles all of their products right here in the US at their Ohio and Iowa factories. In early 2014, Maytag rebranded the Maytag Man as a strong, dependable All-American guy, which had helped spread the word that Maytag is a dependable, American brand: Check out the Maytag Man鈥檚 Youtube Channel and Facebook profile.

As far as your likelihood for needing repair service, the Maytag brand is generally reliable, but you shouldn鈥檛 rule out the need for service at some point in the product鈥檚 life. Maytag refrigerators rank as 鈥渟afe bets鈥 and 鈥渞elatively safe bets鈥 on Consumer Reports. The bottom freezer with EcoConserve models (MBF2258XE and MBF1958XE) are the Maytag refrigerators recommended by Consumer Reports, both of which are nicely priced under $1,200.

If you are looking at a Maytag refrigerator, online refrigerator reviews indicate that the bottom-freezer models work best and are most reliable. Maytag鈥檚 side-by-side refrigerators are in the highest ranking in Consumer Reports, though the side-by-side model in general only goes up to 鈥渞elatively safe bets鈥 because that design is not very efficient.

Because of Maytag鈥檚 overall dependability, it鈥檚 a good idea to repair the appliance when given the option. A simple $150-300 repair can extend the life of your refrigerator for years. Plus, when you repair your refrigerator you make a smaller impact on our planet and landfills.

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