Refrigerator Freezer Temperature Problems?

Any of these symptoms can be due to a refrigerator not cooling right. We can resolve any of the common temperature related problems. We are refrigerator nerds. If you are having any of the above issues with your refrigerator or freezer temperature, may we suggest the following.

First of all, transfer perishables right away to a secondary or neighbor’s refrigerator or even a cooler. Also, follow the “two-hour rule” for leaving items that need refrigeration out at room temperature. Never let meat, poultry, seafood, eggs, or other foods that require refrigeration, to sit at room temperature ( 72°F ) for more than two hours. Additionally, keep in mind the food danger zone is between 40°F and 140°F. This is the temperature range that bacteria thrive.

Be alert for spoiled food. If partially thawed freezer contents have ice crystals, they can be saved. Anything that looks or smells suspicious should likely be thrown out. But before you exchange that gallon of spoiled milk at the store, check to see if your fridge is not cooling first, because the problem might not be bad milk, but rather your refrigerator temperatures aren’t cold enough. Check out our refrigerator tips for some helpful information.


What Should the Refrigerator and Freezer Temperature Be?

Keep the (fresh food) refrigerator temperature below 40° F (4° C). The typical fresh food compartment temperature range may fluctuate between 35°-40°. The freezer temperature should be 0° F (-18° C). The typical freezer compartment may fluctuate between (-1°) and (+5°). If your refrigerator is too cold, or the freezer is not freezing at the normal settings, there might be a problem, and you should at least have it inspected by a professional refrigerator repairman.

If your fridge loses power, the freezer can hold safe temps for up to 36 hours, the fresh food compartment can hold temperatures for only 4 hours, as long as the doors remain shut 100% of the time. Broken refrigerators, however, can likely shorten that time. If you need service in your home or office, A Fast Local Refrigerator Repair can be there within hours today, or at any time most convenient for you. Call us at any of our three 24 hour phones listed at the top of this page, or [highlight style=”green”]SAVE $25[/highlight] when you schedule service appointment directly from our web site. On all service calls, our house call is FREE with repair. We will also beat any competitor’s written repair estimate by 10%.

Take a look at our refrigerator repair FAQ and refrigerator tips page before contacting us, it might even save you a service call. We know if we can help you with your problem now, you’ll call when you need us to fix your fridge later. Recommend us to someone you know in need of refrigerator help, anywhere within our refrigerator service are. The sooner you call A Fast Local Refrigerator Repairto solve your refrigerator temperature problem, the faster we can get your refrigerator running.

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