Hearing Refrigerator Noises?

We Repair Noisy Fridges and Freezers

Is your refrigerator making noises so loud you can’t hear your kids scream? True, your refrigerator can and normally does make some sounds, but they shouldn’t keep you awake at night, or sound like construction equipment in the freezer. If you’ve been hearing strange or unusual refrigerator or freezer noises recently, don’t ignore it. It might be telling you that something is not working right. The good news is that sometimes what you hear is supposed to occur, it just happens so rarely you often don’t hear it. The bad news is it can also be a sound indicating a part is starting to malfunction. The great news is that is where we can help you the best. If you need peace and quiet immediately, we do provide emergency refrigerator repair service to Chicagoland.

No refrigerator is completely quiet, of course. There are a lot of motors, dampers, fans and other moving parts in a fridge. These parts will make all kinds of noises. Some noises are normal, some are not. How to tell the difference? If you have never heard the refrigerator make this noise previously, or the noise has suddenly become louder, you should have it serviced. If this noise has been heard from day one, that might not be necessary.

Some things to check before calling us for service:

  • Make sure the noise is actually coming from the fridge;
  • If possible, pinpoint location of noise;
  • Has the noise affected the temperature or any fridge feature;
  • Check no items are vibrating against each other;
  • Did the noise begin after cleaning,  loading or moving items;
  • Did the noise begin after the fridge was pulled away from wall;
  • Check for loose lightbulbs, covers, filters, shelves and ice containers


Quickly Making Refrigerators Run Quietly

Don’t wait too long to have us fix your fridge. If you aren’t having refrigerator or freezer temperature problems at the moment, that’s good. But if you just started hearing these sounds, you might discover that either or both the freezer and refrigerator stopped cooling. So, you may have to discard a lot of spoiled food, and your hard-earned money, right along with it. Let AFLRR bring peace and quiet in your kitchen once again. At least, until the kids get home.

For reliable, affordable service in your Chicagoland home today, call the professionals at A Fast Local Refrigerator Repair now. You can also receive the same quick service, and save $25, when you book service appointment online. The sooner you call AFLRR to fix your refrigerator noise, the faster we can get your refrigerator running quietly.

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