Frequently Asked Questions

Do you give free estimates?
Our house call includes the trip charge to your house, inspection of your appliance issue and a proper diagnosis of your problem including the complete estimate of repair before any work is done. Once you authorize and we complete the repair service, the house call is FREE. If no service is performed, you only pay the house call.
What is your hourly labor rate?
We dont have an hourly rate, we use a flat labor rate. This flat labor rate is based on the national average from the Appliance Repair Blue Book. We use this to protect you from being overcharged, while allowing us enough time to properly complete all repairs. So whether a repair takes us twenty minutes or two hours to complete, or we have to order factory parts and return in a day or two, you are not penalized if unexpected circumstances arise extending the normal repair time. This affords you the assurance that not only is your refrigerator or freezer repaired correctly using correct factory OEM parts, but also that you are not overcharged for slow labor. Our prices are extremely competitive with both national and local industry averages. So competitive in fact we will BEAT any competitors written estimate by 10%. See our terms and conditions for details.
Do you sell or rent any refrigerators?
We only provide refrigerator repair service. We do not sell or rent any new or used refrigerators, nor are we affiliated with any stores that do. Appliance stores who sell and provide service are inclined to scare you away from a repair, even incorrectly condemning your appliance, and therefore "recommend" that you buy a new appliance since they have more incentive to make a sale than provide repair service. Call A Fast Local Refrigerator Repair and get serviced, not sold.
Do you have any helpful refrigerator tips?
We do indeed have some very helpful refrigerator tips, including refrigerator maintenance tips, food safety guidelines, and some refrigerator cleaning tips.
refrigerator maintenance tips, food safety guidelines, and some refrigerator cleaning tips
What are your normal hours of operation?
Our normal service hours are from 7am - 6pm Monday through Saturday. Sunday by appointment. We are able to provide service beyond those hours if you need emergency refrigerator repair or to resolve scheduling conflicts.
How much will it cost for refrigerator repair?
We will gladly tell you what our affordable house call is when you call for service. But of course we would need to inspect your appliance in person before we can give any estimate of repair. However, if you know what part you need and have a part number, we will gladly tell you what the part will cost to replace and make sure the technician has it with him when he comes out. PLEASE NOTE: Any labor quoted prior to visual inspection may be adjusted should unknown circumstances arise. However, we cannot  warranty any repairs based on anybody elses diagnosis, and any returned part is subject to a 25% restocking fee. All sales are final on electrical parts that have been opened.
How long should I expect my refrigerator to last?
The average useful life for a refrigerator depends on a few factors. First and foremost is when it was built. The old saying "They dont make them like they used to" definitely refers to refrigerators and other appliances.  The older your refrigerator, the better it was built, that is just the cold truth. We have fixed refrigerators that were over fifty, yes 50 years old. Yet we have also repaired refrigerators that were barely more than one, yes 1-year-old. Secondly, small problems that are ignored can lead to bigger problems that can severely shorten the useful life. Another factor is usage. Heavier use, such as in an office, will shorten the life as opposed to a single user. One more factor is not only the brand of refrigerator, but the model you choose within that brand. Also, dont expect a $500 fridge to last more than a few years.
Will your tech have the necessary parts with him?
We have a large inventory of parts that we stock on our service vehicles to increase the chances of fixing your fridge on the first visit. If we have to order a part and return to finish the repair, we can usually get it by next business day, and we do NOT charge for a second visit.
Do you provide 24 hour refrigerator repair service?
Our goal is to provide same day refrigerator repairs within 24 hours of contacting us, Monday through Saturday. We do offer emergency appliance repair service for an additional fee if you need service urgently. Also, we try to accommodate customers who absolutely need evening service, when scheduling permits. We do answer our phones 24 hours per day, so you will always speak to a human wanting to help you. However, we do not provide around the clock appliance service to Chicago Suburbs.
Why do you only service refrigerators and freezers?
We specialize in repairing refrigerators and freezers for a few reasons. First and foremost, because they are the two major appliances that no household can function without for even one day. Secondly, unlike any other appliance in your home, your refrigerator and freezer are the only appliances that can cost you more money the longer you wait for repair. Lastly, since our focus is on freezer and refrigerator appliance repair, we come across uncommon problems more frequently, which allows us to be more experienced about proper solutions.
Are you an appliance repair service or a service directory?
We provide all of our own refrigerator repairs. We are neither a service directory nor do we farm out service calls to some unknown sub-contractor. When you call us you are speaking to someone local, not some call center located out-of-state or overseas, that brokers service calls from their paying advertisers.
What temperature should a refrigerator / freezer be at normally?
The normal refrigerator and freezer temperatures of a residential refrigerator is about 37 degrees Fahrenheit, and for the freezer, it is about 0 (zero) degrees Fahrenheit. Your control settings should be set at the midpoint setting to achieve these temperatures. If you have to adjust your controls beyond the normal settings to achieve these temperatures, it may be a sign of a problem.
Are your refrigerator repair technicians EPA certified and insured?
Yes. Our refrigerator repair technicians are fully qualified and CFC certified for Type I (small appliance) refrigerant usage as by the E.P.A. Yes, we are a fully insured refrigerator repair service.
Is it really worth repairing my refrigerator instead of buying a new one?
Yes, absolutely. The old adage, "They dont make them like they used to" is the cold truth, especially when referring to refrigerators. It only makes sense to fix your refrigerator while it still has useful life, especially if its only a minor appliance repair. The average useful life of a newer refrigerator is less than older models. Energy efficient does not mean it is built well. Taking into account the average cost of service from A Fast Local Refrigerator Repair vs. the total cost of replacing it: purchase price + tax + shipping/travel cost + installation labor + extraction of your old appliance + loss of time from work + possible kitchen remodeling costs + dining out = why would you ever consider replacing it? In addition to the monetary cost itself, remember to add the burden of living without a refrigerator for even 2 days, possibly up to a week or even longer while you wait for your new appliance to arrive.
My refrigerator is not cold, so do I need a new compressor or a Freon recharge?
Probably not. Refrigerator freezer temperature problems are rarely the result of a bad compressor or the sealed system having a leak of refrigerant, either of which is considered a major repair, even by the EPA. However, most refrigerator repair service calls only require a minor repair to resolve cooling problems with your refrigerator or freezer.ians are fully qualified and CFC certified for Type I (small appliance) refrigerant usage as required by the E.P.A. Yes, we are a fully insured refrigerator repair service.

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