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Terms and Conditions

Terms And Conditions


FREE House Call Service Charge

Our house call service charge includes only the following: the trip charge to your home; an in-home visit from a factory trained AFLRR technician; a non-invasive inspection* of your refrigerator; and our estimate of refrigerator repair service. The house call service charge does not include the cost of any parking fees necessary to diagnose or repair your appliance. If AFLRR provides refrigerator repair service, the house call is FREE, you do not pay for it because we discount the house call service charge from our total repair price, except when only minimum services or adjustments are performed.

24 Hour Refrigerator Repair Service

AFLRR provides refrigerator repair service to our service area within 24 hours at no additional charge, first come, first served. Our goal is to arrive on the same day as contact when possible, or within 24 hours if that day’s schedule is booked. There is no additional charge for evening or weekend appointments made in advance. We do offer emergency refrigerator repair if you need service within four (4) hours.

Emergency Refrigerator Repair Service

AFLRR provides emergency refrigerator repair service to most of Chicago and Suburbs. Emergency refrigerator repair service means we will arrive at your home within one (1) to four (4) hours, any time of day or night, for an additional fee. We guarantee only the arrival of AFLRR technician at your home within the specified time frame. We do have fully stocked service vehicles, and an 85% first-call complete ratio. However, due to the possibility of unavailable parts, we are unable to guarantee completion of repairs within the specified time frame. Therefore, customer will be required to pay for the emergency fee whether or not refrigerator repair service is performed. Furthermore, since the emergency service fee is separate from, and in addition to, the house call, it is exempt from our free house call service charge discount. If customer requires emergency refrigerator repair service, customer will be notified of the charges at time appointment is made.

10% Price Match Guarantee

We will BEAT any competitor’s written appliance repair estimate by 10%. Estimate must: be written on competitor’s official service order, invoice or letterhead; include the total repair price, competitor’s diagnosis, including required part numbers and what labor will be performed; and be presented at time of estimate. If diagnosis by AFLRR contradicts from competitor’s written estimate, including but not limited to: correct factory OEM parts and materials required for satisfactory repair service; proper and legal labor procedures required to complete satisfactory repair service; then AFLRR will not be required to satisfy the terms of this price guarantee. Price match offer not valid with any other discounts, including Free House Call.

$10 Repair Discount for Scheduling Appointments Online

AFLRR offers a $10 (ten dollar) refrigerator repair discount when you schedule discount refrigerator repairservice online and you do one of the following: (i) include a promotional code from where you found us; or (ii) Like Us on Facebook; or (iii) Add Us to Google+. You can do so easily here. Once our technician verifies you have engaged us socially, you will receive your refrigerator repair discount. This discount is not applicable towards our house call service charge.

Pre-Visit Phone Estimates

If customer requests a price for a specific part without receiving our diagnosis, we will inform customer what the part will cost to replace and make sure the technician has it with him when he comes out. We cannot troubleshoot or diagnose problems on the phone, only in person. Any labor quoted prior to visual inspection may require an adjustment should unknown circumstances arise. However, we cannot warranty any repair based on a non AFLRR technician’s diagnosis, and any non-electrical returned part is subject to a 25% restocking fee. All sales are final on electrical parts that have been opened. If we fail to honor our quote, the entire repair, parts and labor included, is FREE.

Service Vehicle Parking Requirements

Legal parking must be available for our service vehicle, for the entire duration of the service call, within reasonable walking distance from the entrance. Neither our house call service charge nor any of our flat rate repair prices include the cost of any parking fees necessary to diagnose or provide repair service. Parking fees are added to the house call or repair total, and will be the customer’s responsibility to reimburse technician at time of payment. Parking fees are exempt from any discounts on service. No Exceptions.

Refrigerator Warranty and Refunds

Our warranty covers the cost of the part installed by AFLRR for one year from date of installation. We include a lifetime labor warranty to replace duplicate part, or its factory substitute, for as long as you own the appliance. If the part installed by AFLRR fails after one year from date of installation, only the cost of labor is covered. If we are notified within twenty four (24) hours that our refrigerator repair service never resolved your original appliance problem, we will make every reasonable effort to rectify the original complaint at no additional cost, which includes the return visit for inspection. If we further discover a major, sealed system issue, (including, but not limited to, a faulty compressor, a refrigerant leak, etc.), or we are unable to resolve your original appliance problem, we will refund the cost of the repair, minus our initial house call service charge, emergency service and/or parking fees, if any. We will be required to remove our new part, and we will reinstall your original part, when possible, in order to return appliance to the original operational state prior to our initial visit. If, however, we should find additional problems that were caused, or possibly camouflaged by, the original malfunctioning part, and AFLRR determines that both parts are necessary to resolve original complaint, AFLRR will not be required to provide a refund if customer decides against additional repairs.
Warranty Exclusions: Warranty is void if: part fails due to power failures, electrical surges, water or flood damage, fire, natural occurances or any act of God; customer abuse or misuse of the appliance, either as a whole or the individually installed part; any part of the appliance was disassembled by person(s) not authorized by or affiliated with AFLRR; customer fails to provide their original hard copy receipt; any conditions that would void the original manufacturer’s warranty as referenced in the owners manual. Warranty exclusively covers repair costs consisting of the part supplied by AFLRR and the labor by AFLRR to properly install same. Warranty excludes: the remainder of the appliance; any part not replaced or repaired by AFLRR; water filters; air filters; food loss; time off from work; damage to floors, walls or other personal property.

Refrigerator Repair Service Pricing

Due to fluctuations in operating costs, our flat rate prices for refrigerator repair services and our house call service charge are subject to change without notice.

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* Non-Invasive inspection: excludes opening up or tapping into any sealed system components for the purpose of testing correct refrigerant pressure, using dye to determine the point of any refrigerant leak, or any procedure that can compromise the integrity of the hermetically sealed system components.