Why Is My Refrigerator Not Cooling?

Refrigerator Not Cooling
Ice build-up around an auger motor

POV: You just reached into your freezer to grab some ice, only to find the freezer is not freezing. Then you check and discover the refrigerator not cooling either. There is never a good time for your fridge to stop working, but seriously, not today. We get it. Of all the things in your house that can break down, a broken refrigerator is one of the worst to experience. Biggest reason is because usually when a fridge stops working right, the longer you wait to fix it, the more it costs you. So, don’t wait, Call (630) 424-0646 now for service today!

Think about it. If your refrigerator stops cooling or your freezer stops freezing, it won’t take very long for food to start spoiling. Another common problem we get called to fix: refrigerator water leaks. Water leaking on ANY floor needs to be addressed immediately, whether it’s wood, tile, ceramic or stone. I can almost guarantee that any fridge repair from AFLRR will be much cheaper than having your floor fixed.

Fridge Not Cooling? Get Help Here

When your fridge or freezer stops working, all sorts of questions run through your mind. One question you probably asked yourself, “Why is my refrigerator not cooling?”,  is a question we answer, and fix, daily. Should you repair your older refrigerator or replace it with a new one? Of course we think it’s better to repair your older fridge, that’s what keeps food in my dog’s bowl. But honestly, it also happens to be true. How do you determine if it’s worth fixing your refrigerator or replacing it? Put simply, it depends on what is wrong with your fridge and how much it will cost to repair. A good rule of thumb for any similar issue: if the repair cost is 50% or less of a new one, repair it.

Facts don’t lie, the older your fridge is, the better it was built and the longer it will last. If you’ve asked yourself, “What should I do if my refrigerator isn’t cooling anymore?” First thing you should do, call (630) 424-0646 so we can, at the very least, diagnose why your refrigerator stopped cooling. This allows you the opportunity to decide whether to save money fixing it or lots of money replacing it. Next, rescue perishables by placing them in a cooler on ice. This works much better than putting ice inside your refrigerator or freezer. Lastly, relax, we got your back.

Should You Have a Spare Fridge or Freezer?

This is a great time to recommend keeping a secondary fridge or freezer for when, not if, your new fridge stops working. If I had a nickel for every homeowner who wished they kept their old fridge, I could retire. Many clients are still surprised when their 2-5 year old shiny new fridge stopped cooling, because their previous fridge lasted 25 years without a problem. 

People ask me what fridge I have, as you might expect. I tell them I have a 1990 GE that has never needed a repair, and a 1984 Whirlpool which I inherited from my grandparents. I replaced the freezer fan in it around 2006, and is cooling in my garage as you read this. So let’s compare, my two older refrigerators which are over 33 years each with one repair total, versus, the average age fridge I service, less than 4 years.

Fridge or Freezer Not Cold? Get Fixed Fast

When your refrigerator is not cooling for more than even one day, you could be putting you and your family’s health at risk. If your refrigerator has stopped cooling, you should be cautious about consuming any perishable food items that might have spoiled. Did you know your refrigerated food is the most vulnerable to an increase in temperature? Because the normal refrigerator temperature hovers just below the food danger zone. So if your refrigerator or freezer stopped cooling or freezing at the normal settings, there might be a problem. It’s also possible a door was left open overnight, so don’t assume the worst just because the fridge isn’t cold, 

If you need a reliable refrigerator repairman today, or at any time most convenient for you, call us at (630) 424-0646. Alternatively, you can save $25 when you schedule discount refrigerator repair service online. We offer a FREE house call and money back guarantee with every repair. Check our refrigerator repair FAQ and refrigerator tips page before contacting us, it might even save you a service call. If that isn’t proof of our commitment to helping you save money, please tell us what is. The sooner you call AFLRR because your refrigerator is not cold, the faster your refrigerator runs right after us.

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