We Fix Refrigerator Water Leaks

With the advent of modern refrigerators, it is almost without exception that we have access to an endless supply of fresh ice, can dispense cold and sometimes even hot water or coffee at the dispenser. When you discover your refrigerator leaks water by stepping in a puddle of water in front of your fridge, it is also without exception a moment of dread you probably experienced yourself this morning if you’re reading this. Consider yourself lucky if you don’t also have a cooling issue along with that refrigerator water leak. You are also fortunate to have found A Fast Local Refrigerator Repair since we are refrigerator nerds and fix problems like yours everyday.


Do This When Your Refrigerator Leaks Water

Locate and shut off your refrigerator water line source, typically located: behind refrigerator; under kitchen sink; or basement. If unable to locate source or you cannot access it, you may be required to shut off the main house supply. PLEASE NOTE: turning off ice maker, the refrigerator, or locking dispenser panel will not stop a water leak. 

After you have shut off the source water line, if possible take pictures of what you see before drying up water, taking note of amount and location.

Dry up and / or remove whatever water you encounter with towels as soon as possible to prevent or minimize water damage to your property. Depending on the amount of water or how long the issue has persisted, it may be necessary to further dry the affected area with fans for several days.

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Make yourself a cup of coffee or tea, get in your zen place, sit back and relax. We got this.


Fixing Water Leaks Quickly Saves Money

Refrigerator Water Leak

One of the more unpleasant life experiences is waking up to find a puddle of water in front of your refrigerator. Not only do you have wet feet, but you also get a sinking feeling in your stomach for not knowing why it leaks or if it will be expensive to repair. If your refrigerator leaks water, the sooner you hire us to fix it, the less it will cost since our average service call to fix water leaks is very reasonable.  But if you wait, you won’t just be paying for refrigerator water leak repair. Because water damages property.

Depending on the type of floor you have, you will have different types of damage. For example, water runs toward the walls with stone or ceramic tiles, but will soak in that beautiful hardwood flooring or linoleum tile before it damages the subfloor. Plus, if you wait too long to hire us, the resulting water damage to your home may be expensive enough to require you to remodel your kitchen and / or basement. You may also need to hire a mold removal company.

We Can Stop Refrigerator Water Leaks Today

Call the experts at A Fast Local Refrigerator Repair and we will arrive within 24 hours to take care of that refrigerator leaks water. Our house call is FREE if we fix your fridge. Take advantage now, book appointment online and receive a $25 Repair Discount. Take a look at our refrigerator repair FAQ and refrigerator tips for more information. We provide flat-rate up-front pricing, use OEM parts, warranty all repairs, clean our work area, and take care to protect your home. Get service you can trust from A Fast Local Refrigerator Repair today.

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