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We warranty direct part to part repairs for 2 years including genuine OEM parts and our labor.

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Yes, if we fix your refrigerator. Our house call charge includes the trip charge, inspection and diagnosis of your fridge problem, and a flat rate repair estimate before any service is performed. If we fix your fridge, the house call is waived, so it’s free.

We don’t have an hourly rate, we use a flat labor rate. This flat labor rate is based on the national average from the Appliance Repair Blue Book. Flat rate labor protects you from being over-billed while allowing us the time to complete the repairs properly. It does not matter how long the repair takes, or whether we have to get the part and return to complete the repair, your cost does not change.

Our focus is repairing residential refrigerators, freezers and ice makers, nor are we affiliated with any stores that do.

If your definition of better is quality, durability and reliable, then keep and repair your older refrigerator, otherwise buy a new one. I’ll back that statement with these 3 facts: 1-I own a 1990 GE, and a 1984 Whirlpool made Kenmore; 2-Only a single repair of the 2 fridges combined; 3-The average age of a refrigerators we fix is less than 4 years old. Check out our blog post discussing how Older Fridges are Better Than Newer Fridges

Of course, we are here to help you. We do indeed have some very helpful refrigerator tips, including:

Our normal service hours are 8am-6pm Monday through Saturday. We are able to provide service outside those hours if you need emergency refrigerator repair service.

We would need to inspect your appliance in person before we can give any estimate of repair. However, if you know what part you need and have a part number, we will gladly tell you what the part will cost to replace and make sure the technician has it with him when he comes out. PLEASE NOTE: Any labor quoted prior to visual inspection may be adjusted should unknown circumstances arise. However, we cannot warranty any repairs based on anybody else’s diagnosis, and any returned part is subject to a 25% restocking fee. All sales are final on electrical parts that have been opened.

Quite simply, it depends on two important factors. First and foremost, it depends on when it was built. Older appliances are built better than newer appliances by far, since manufacturers designed them to last. Second, the brand you have also plays a large role, and to some extent, the model series within each brand. Other contributing factors include: how many users; how well it is maintained, i.e. vacuum condenser or cleaning spills. Any broken parts, mechanical or cosmetic, can diminish efficiency, and thereby shorten useful life. Also, not all refrigerators and freezers are made equal. Don’t expect a cheap $500 fridge to last much beyond the one year warranty.

That is our goal and intent. We have a large inventory of parts that we stock on our service vehicles to increase first call complete repairs. If we have to order a part and return to finish the repair, we can usually get it by next business day, and we do NOT charge for a second visit.

We provide same day / next day refrigerator repair, usually within 24 hours of contacting us, Monday through Saturday, during our normal service hours. If you need service urgently after hours, we offer emergency refrigerator repair service depending on tech availability. We do answer our phones 24 hours per day, so you will always speak to a human wanting to help you. However, we do not provide around the clock appliance service.

We specialize in repairing refrigerators and freezers for a few reasons. First and foremost, because they are the two major appliances that no household can function without for even one day. Secondly, unlike any other appliance in your home, your refrigerator and freezer are the only appliances that can cost you more money the longer you wait for repair. Lastly, since our focus is on freezer and refrigerator appliance repair, we come across uncommon problems more frequently, giving us the ability to fix any problem you may encounter..

The normal refrigerator and freezer temperatures of a residential refrigerator is about 38° F, and for the freezer, it is about 0° F. Your control settings should be set at the midpoint setting to achieve these temperatures. If you have to adjust your controls beyond the normal settings to achieve these temperatures, it may be a sign of a problem.

Yes, absolutely. The average price of our repairs will save you $1000s vs the cost of a new fridge. Plus, your repaired refrigerator will likely last longer than a new model. The old adage, “They don’t make them like they used to” is the cold truth, especially when referring to refrigerators. Older refrigerators are built better because the parts used were stronger and designed to last longer. Now refrigerators are designed to be more energy efficient, forcing manufacturers to use smaller parts to perform the same job, causing them to break down sooner.

Once again, it depends. Mostly, it depends on the manufacturer. Ironically, the newer a refrigerator is the more likely it is to have compressor or refrigerant (Freon) issues than an older model, either of which is considered a major repair, even by the EPA. However, most refrigerator repair service calls only require a minor repair to resolve cooling problems with your refrigerator or freezer.

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