Terms and Conditions

FREE House Call With Repair

Our house call service charge includes the following: the trip charge to your home; an in-home visit from a factory trained AFLRR technician; a non-invasive inspection* of your refrigerator; diagnosis of your appliance issue and our estimate of refrigerator repair service. If AFLRR provides refrigerator repair service, the house call is FREE.

Sealed Refrigeration Circuit Inspection

If it becomes necessary to tap into or compromise the integrity of the refrigeration circuit on your refrigerator, freezer or ice machine for any reason, we will inform you first.

24 Hour Refrigerator Repair Service

AFLRR provides refrigerator repair service to our service area within 24 hours on a first come, first served basis. Appointments are limited. Our goal is to arrive on the same day, 8-6 Monday through Saturday, schedule permitting or within 24 hours if that day’s schedule is booked. We are closed on Sunday except for emergency refrigerator repair service.

Emergency Refrigerator Repair Service

AFLRR provides after hours emergency refrigerator repair service to most of Chicago suburbs if a technician is available. Emergency service is available after our normal service hours, even on the weekends. If a technicians is available, we only guarantee the arrival of the AFLRR technician. Obviously our goal is to fix your fridge on the spot, so we keep our service vehicles stocked with OEM parts. However, since we may not have your specific part on hand, we are unable to guarantee completion of repairs on the first visit. Customer will be charged for the after hours emergency fee even if we don’t fix your fridge. If customer requests emergency refrigerator repair service, customer will be notified of the added charges at time appointment is made.

$25 Repair Discount for Scheduling Appointments Online

AFLRR offers a $25 appliance repair discount when you schedule refrigerator repair service online and include how you found us online. Any and all discounts are applied only when we fix your fridge.

Appliance Repair Warranty

Our warranty covers the cost of the part and the labor by AFLRR for two years from date of service. The house call, emergency fee (if requested) and any parking is not covered and will be charged on warranty repairs.

Warranty Terms & Exclusions: Warranty is void if: part fails due to power failures or electrical surges, is damaged due to water, fire, natural occurrences or any act of God; customer abuse or misuse of the appliance, either as a whole or the individually installed part; any part of the appliance was disassembled by person(s) not authorized by or affiliated with AFLRR; customer fails to provide their original hard copy receipt; any conditions that would void the original manufacturer’s warranty as referenced in the owners manual.

Warranty exclusively covers the part supplied by AFLRR and the labor by AFLRR to properly install same. Warranty excludes: the remainder of the appliance; any part not replaced or repaired by AFLRR; water filters; air filters; food loss; time off from work; damage to floors, walls or other personal property.

PLEASE NOTE: Cleaning/clearing of any clogged drain systems; Cleaning of the condenser coil of any dust or pet hair; since these procedures are directly affected by customer’s usage, they are only warranted for 90 days from date of service.

Money Back Guarantee On All Repairs

If we are notified within 48 hours of repair service that the appliance has not returned to its proper operational state, we will arrive as soon as possible, at no charge, to determine the cause of failure. If the new part we installed failed or we failed to install new part properly, those will be corrected at no charge. However, should the part that we diagnosed to be at fault fail to resolve your complaint and we are subsequently unable to determine the cause, we will re-install your original part and issue a refund of the repair total. Please Note: AFLRR must be able to remove our part(s) in order to issue any refunds.

Furthermore, if after reinspection we discover a secondary issue that was undetectable until the completion of original repair, there will be a (discounted) charge for that secondary repair. However, there will be no refund of original repair cost if client declines secondary repair.

For example, we fix a no cooling complaint by repairing wiring which prevented a compressor from running. We are told 24 hours later there is no improvement in cooling, so we return at no charge to inspect the appliance. Now that the compressor has been running for 24 hours, we then discover there is a leak or restriction of refrigerant. If customer declines secondary repair, there will be no refund of original service provided, since both are needed

Service Vehicle Parking Requirements

Legal parking must be available for our service vehicle, for the entire duration of the service call, within reasonable walking distance from the entrance. Neither our house call service charge nor any of our flat rate repair prices include the cost of any parking fees necessary to diagnose or provide repair service. Parking fees are added to the house call or repair total, and will be the customer’s responsibility to reimburse technician at time of payment. Parking fees are exempt from any discounts on service. No Exceptions.

Refrigerator Repair Service Pricing

Due to fluctuations in operating costs, our flat rate prices for refrigerator repair services and our house call service charge are subject to change without notice.

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* Non-Invasive inspection: excludes opening up or tapping into any sealed system components for the purpose of testing correct refrigerant pressure, using dye to determine the point of any refrigerant leak, or any procedure that can compromise the integrity of the hermetically sealed system components.

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