GE Monogram Refrigerator Reviews

GE monogram refrigerator review

The GE Monogram refrigerator is a high-end model offered as a luxury appliance. Before you spend money on any appliance, it is always a good idea to check online reviews to see how other customers have liked the product. It can be hard to find unbiased reviews for refrigerators, but understanding some of the positive and negative design features can help you make an informed purchase decision.

There are several different styles of refrigerators in the Monogram line, and all of them are sleek, elegant, and aesthetically pleasing. With features such as a temperature management system and climate control drawers, the GE Monogram provides even distribution of air throughout the refrigerator to keep food fresh longer. The design also makes food storage convenient with features such as a gallon-size door bin, adjustable door bins, drop-down shelves, and space-saving LED lighting.

When selecting the style of refrigerator you’re going to purchase, consider either the side-by-side or all refrigerator model. These designs typically have less maintenance problems than the bottom freezer option. However, if you’re adamant about purchasing the french door with bottom freezer design, we recommend steering clear of the models with an ice and water dispenser in upper door due to problems inherent with that design.

Of course, every refrigerator will have some problem in its life cycle, so what really matters is that the manufacturer will take care of the problem if it occurs within the first few years. The typical GE Monogram Refrigerator comes with a very generous parts and labor warranty. The entire refrigerator is covered by a 2-year limited parts and labor warranty, and the unit’s sealed refrigerating system is covered by a 5-year limited parts and labor warranty.

If you like the idea of purchasing a GE refrigerator, but don’t want to invest over $8,000 on a kitchen appliance, consider the GE Profile. The GE Profile doesn’t come with as extensive of a warranty, but the purchase price will be a third of the higher-end Monogram model.

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